IIPC - Online OBE Survey


Initial considerations:

A. You do not need to identify yourself. Your participation can be anonymous.

B. Your participation is very important. It will contribute to scientific studies and investigations regarding conscious projection (also called out-of-body experience, projection, astral travel, or astral projection). Your participation is also very important even if you have not experienced this phenomenon or do not know much about it.

C. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete this survey. If you do not have the time to complete it now, please return later.

D. If you wish, you can download the text of this survey before responding to the questionnaire in order to familiarize yourself with it or to think about the questions. In this case, please return later to the online survey to respond to the questions.

E. After submitting your questionnaire, you will see the updated partial results of this survey.

F. We suggest that you do NOT use the "Back" or "Forward" buttons during this survey.

F.1) However, if you need only to see a previous page, you can use "Back" and then return to where you were by using "Forward". In this case, do not use "Next Page" button to return to where you were.

F.2) If you need to change your answers in previous sections, use "Back" to reach the page you want to change, but then you must use the "Next Page" button (at the bottom of the page) to go ahead, otherwise your correction will not be processed. In this case, you will need to answer again the pages from that point on.

G. This survey contains 42 questions comprised of 98 items, divided into 7 sections:

1. Personal sensations: Identifies the most common sensations that could be related to the process of separating from the physical body.
2 questions, 38 items

2. Types of out-of-body experiences: Identifies the main types of experiences you have had.
1 question, 21 items

3. Control and quality of the out-of-body experience: Defines your level of control over your experiences and their quality.
9 questions, 9 items

4. Regularity and Lucidity: Indicates how often you have projections and how lucid they are.
5 questions, 5 items

5. Induction of the out-of-body experience: Determines the most effective methods to induce the experience.
7 questions, 7 items

6. Information about the participant: Determines the profile and background of the participant.
18 questions, 18 items

7. Final comments (optional): Additional comments about your experiences and/or criticisms and suggestions about this survey.

H. In order to produce statistically accurate results each participant should answer the questionnaire only once.

I. Partial results of this survey will be available in this Web Site. The complete results and its conclusions will be published in the Journal of Conscientiology.

Thank you


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